We hope you and your family are doing well in this COVID-19 outbreak. In this slow-down time, now you have the opportunity to give some time to learn about changing market paradigm. You can keep up to date and take advantage of staying ahead of your competitors. You will have the edge when life goes to normal again and the market starts picking up.

Well, 20 years ago, every Realtor thought that there is only one website https://realtor.ca that people use to search property, so he didn’t need to have a one. Nowadays, having a website becomes the norm.

Since, the invention of mobile phones, more than 85% of traffic is being generated from Mobile devices rather than websites. Now we have REALTOR.ca Real Estate App in the market. Realtors start thinking that there is only one App that everyone is using to search for property, so they don’t need to have one. There is no surprise that soon, every Realtor will have their own Personalized Mobile App.

The Real estate website development companies telling Realtors that they don’t need the mobile app because their website is Mobile friendly. We know that users have to type the name of the website which most of the time is misspelled. It’s really hard to remember the name of lots of domains. Most of the time, we try to type the name in google search and end up with a big list of similar domains that make it more confusing. So, it is hard to search and open websites on Mobile devices to keep the potential customer hooked to your website.

There are more than 2 Billion domain names taken already and it is very hard to have the domain name of your choice. Naming a Mobile application doesn’t have this issue. You can name your Mobile App almost anything you want to, at least for now, but not sure after the next 10 years. Mobile App will work as a digital business card in the future that will stay on the user phone forever until it is deleted. They don’t need to remember the name or type in google, once they installed it on their device. Well, no surprise all the 50-60k MLS listing queries will come to the same personalized contact, not to the listing agent like REALTOR.ca real estate app.

Let us know if you want to experience the difference between personalized Mobile App and your website you can download our developed apps for both the platforms.

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