Pay Per Click Management


Pay-per-click, also known as cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to your business.

Get It Done With Us

We categorize your overall PPC campaign into ‘Pre-Launch’ and ‘Post-Launch’ stages for both your app and web-based platforms.


Marketing Strategy

The initial steps involve competitive analysis, keyword search, and planning along with geographic area of running campaigns.


Campaign Management

Then comes the campaign setup. This is followed by continuous testing and configuring  until we have established the best-fit for advertising initiatives.


Analytics & Results

We measure campaign impact beyond clicks to truly understand what initiatives drive sales. In return, giving you the best results for your budget.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most effective AdWords features you can use to drive conversions from the visitors to your site or the users of your mobile app.


Campaign Creation

It lets you reach your website visitors and app users with a fresh message tailored just for them – engaging wandering prospects and bringing them back to close the sale. Your message appears to those visitors as they browse other sites and apps in the Google Display Network or search on Google. It’s a powerful way to continue the conversation you began with them on your site or app.


App and Website for Remarketing

Measure the effectiveness of your AdWords app install and app engagement campaigns–by tracking the installs and in-app events (such as purchases and sign-ups) that were driven by your advertising.

Remarketing is an effective form of Online Display Advertising that allows your company to show targeted ads to customers who have previously viewed your website.


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